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Mus musculus (laboratory mouse) Chromosome

Posted in research, Uncategorized by ryanlayer on May 31, 2010
GenBank id chr length
NC_000067 chr1 197195432
NC_000068 chr2 181748087
NC_000069 chr3 159599783
NC_000070 chr4 155630120
NC_000071 chr5 152537259
NC_000072 chr6 149517037
NC_000073 chr7 152524553
NC_000074 chr8 131738871
NC_000075 chr9 124076172
NC_000076 chr10 129993255
NC_000077 chr11 121843856
NC_000078 chr12 121257530
NC_000079 chr13 120284312
NC_000080 chr14 125194864
NC_000081 chr15 103494974
NC_000082 chr16 98319150
NC_000083 chr17 95272651
NC_000084 chr18 90772031
NC_000085 chr19 61342430
NC_000086 chrX 166650296
NC_000087 chrY 15902555
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