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Getting samtools/bcftools to work with S3

Posted in Uncategorized by ryanlayer on April 27, 2016

Get htslib and configure it to enable libcurl

git clone https://github.com/samtools/htslib.git
cd htslib
./configure --enable-libcurl
cd ..

Get samtools, and modify the Makefile to use the relevant libraries

git clone https://github.com/samtools/samtools.git
cd samtools
vi Makefile

Change LIBS = to LIBS = -lcurl -lcrypto -lssl

Then compile.
cd ..

Get bcftools, and make the same changes to the Makefile
git clone https://github.com/samtools/bcftools.git
cd bcftools
vi Makefile

Now test it out.

samtools view s3://1000genomes/data/NA21124/alignment/NA21124.alt_bwamem_GRCh38DH.20150718.GIH.low_coverage.cram


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